Reframing Our Company After 25 Years!

Target AccountantsTarget chartered accountants was (as of 2015 and earlier) an accountancy service for businesses and individuals based in Bath and southern England. We had a number of great clients and we were sorry to see most of you go.

Over the past 5 years we have been pivoting our business from accountancy into investments. As some of you might already know we have now completely stopped taking on any new accountancy clients, and fired about 50% of the clients we had. The 17 we still have we will continue to serve and actively manage their finances but for any new business you will have to find another accountant.

So why with change?

So this is a question I can see a lot of personal friends and family asking, as well as many business contacts too. Well ever since 2010 our client base has been decreasing, we like to work with a select number of industries and prefer rejecting clients we think we genuinely cannot help. But since 2010 we haven’t had the business we would have liked. Assuming that new companies spring up all the time, we thought we would get through this and the business would being to thrive again, but that wasn’t the case. – This was reason #1 although not the main reason for the pivot in business.

The primary reason though is due to our personal success in new income streams through investments. Over the past 5 years we have as a group been financing large investments, many of which have been extremely successful, and in 2013 we had our first year were these investments actually generated more income for us than our accountancy firm, which is a strange yet exciting feeling all at once. Following a good 2014/2015 year we decided to take the final plunge early this year.

What Does this mean for the site?

Well instead of seeing our old homepage with a bunch of services including pricing, what we do ect, you will instead see an investments blog. On this blog we will be posting both personal updates including any companies we have decided to invest in (whatever size) as well as general smart investing tips for businesses and individuals alike.

The strategies we use aren’t your average select a stock and invest style. We actually look into trading CFDs, foreign exchange, large shares, smaller start-up businesses and everything in-between. Even including financing a few start-ups on an angel investment plan. The style of our investments is working for us so we won’t be changing it.

We hope you enjoy the new style of the blog and hope this hasn’t changed anything with our clients.

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