New Client Spotlight – Drones? The Future!

quadcoptersHey guys.

This is just a quick post about our new client that I had to show you guys, I’ve had permission from them to write about the business, as long as I don’t reveal any financials (obviously.) Anyway, the business is – They specilise in making drones and quadcopters, as well as writing about the specific advantages and disadvantages associated with each make and model. This is seriously the entrepreneur of the future, which is one of the reasons I wanted to write this post. Most people will look at drones or quadcopters and think – Okay these look cool, I bet they would be great for going to the park, flying around, like the modern day KITE!

But these individuals took their passion one step further, they built a business out of it. This is something everyone can learn from. If you have a passion about something and people tell you “you can’t make money from that.” They are wrong. Straight up wrong nowadays. You can make money from anything now. Youtubers make 6/7 figures a year through providing content for people when they are bored! If they can do this, you can make money from your passion. Just think outside the box.


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